Emre Ergül is a Turkish journalist, media owner, investor, internet entrepreneur, movie director and professional manager. He was born on 11th of February 1975, in İstanbul. He was graduated from B.Evler P. School and Kültür College in İstanbul. Then Ege University British Literature in İzmir.


Emre Ergül started his media career as Foreign News Desk apprentice on 1996 in Sabah Daily, a national wide newspaper based in İstanbul.

On 2000 he promoted to be Foreign News Desk of Sabah Daily. On 2004, he became Managing Editor of the journal.
2008 was the year he resigned from Sabah Daily to establish another nation wide newspaper named Habertürk as Managing Editor…

Believing in the power of ‘niche publications’ and ‘regional media’ he established his own media company Mergen on 2014, at Copenhagen, Denmark. He started publishing monthly Kuzey for Danish-Turks on September 2015…
Company chose Belgium as the second country to publish Kuzey… The monthly has been published since September 2016 for Belgium-Turks. (Kuzey means ‘north’ in Turkish.)
Both newspapers’ last issues were at kiosks at February 2019…

In May 19, 2019, Emre Ergül established a new, niche media in Turkey about space, science and technology.

In short time, Ergül’s “Spacemag Türkiye” became a prominent Turkish site about space.

The website, has Turkish speaker-followers from all around the world.

Since May, 2020, Emre Ergül has been working as an editor for Hurriyet Daily News, Turkey’s English daily for more than 50 years.


Emre Ergül left Habertürk at April 2016…
1 year later, in April 2017 he became CEO of Mim EU Construction.
The company constructed the first Turkish resort project in Greece…
Project, named Porto Peramos, was constructed in Nea Peramos of Kavala.

After the success of Porto Peramos, Ergül left Greece for a return to Turkey in February 2019.


Cinema is his greatest love and desire… Rather than acting, he chose ‘behind the camera.’
He shooted his first short movie ‘September the 2nd’ on 2006…
The 20 mins movie has been the first short movie in Turkey to have a gala. Galas were in İstanbul and Amasya.
The movie had various awards both in the country and the world.
Since then movie director has been working as ‘scenario doctor’ for various short movies.


Since September 2019, Emre Ergül has been lecturing in the Journalism Department in Communication Faculty of the Maltepe University, located in the Asian side of Turkey’s most populated city, Istanbul.

Ergül lectures on four different courses:

1) International Journalism

2) Internet Journalism

3) Investigative Journalism

4) Journalism Practices.